Investor Perspectives

  • Asset allocation outlook: Exploring new regions and countries. What is the next opportunity?
  • ESG investing: How are faith based investors tackling the growing importance of responsible investing within their portfolio structures? Can Islamic financing keep up the pace?
  • What is the Islamic finance community doing to help mobilise social capital and help power social growth?
  • Private Equity and Islamic Finance: Why the slow development?

Islamic Banking & Finance

  • How is the Islamic Banking community tackling cyber security and Basel III regulations?
  • Global Sukuk outlook: The importance of Sukuk issuance to diversify and revitalise economies.
  • How blended finance and Islamic finance comply with UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Green investments and Islamic finance. An untapped opportunity.

Digital Age

  • Fintech and its increasing importance within the banking sector.
  • Can Islamic finance adapt to the fintech world? Crypto-currency, P-2-P analysis.
  • Islamic start-ups: When is the industry going to take-off?
  • Crowdfunding and bridging the Islamic finance gap.
  • Funding biotech and health through Islamic products.


  • New liquid real assets: New exposure for Takaful operators.
  • Brexit and the opportunities for London.
  • Emerging Takaful: Capturing the Muslim market.
  • Trends in the Takaful Market

Promising Industries

  • Halal Tourism: Tapping into the Muslim tourist market, a potential $500bn industry.
  • Islamic Art: Beauty & Investment, a revival of a loss opportunity.
  • Standardising & developing the halal food trading. Meeting a growing consumer base.
  • Fashion & Cosmetics: The importance of social media in satisfying emerging designers.